Social Media Strategies

Leverage Your Social Media Marketing Effectively

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest? It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. BIAS can make a big difference.

Social Media Marketing is all about building your future sales funnel. It’s about expanding your audience of potential customers. There is no longer a direct line from brand to consumer, there is a more of a circuitous route that brings potential leads to your brand multiple times before they eventually walk through your doors.


We’ll help you identify the biggest opportunities to connect with your potential customers, and deepen your relationship with your current clients in an authentic, sustainable way. You can do this, it won’t take all day, and BIAS can help you every step of the way.



You don’t have to be everywhere, all the time. We’ll help you pinpoint the platforms and format that will offer the highest ROI. We’ll start by going over good social media etiquette and basics, and lead you through more advanced functionality. We’ll unpack the hashtag. #keepitsimple



What should you post? How much? When? We’ve got you covered.  We’ll break down what to post, how to develop a clear brand-appropriate voice that isn’t a heavy-handed sales pitch, but a warm, engaging narration that brings new potential customers to the conversation, nurtures your online community to become buying customers, and solidifies existing customers into life-long buyers and loyal advocates for your brand and products.


Are you already active on social media? We’ll help you refine your approach making the most of your time and energy. There is a tried & true formula, and we’ll customise it for your business. We’ll take it a step forward with contests, generating unique content quickly, asking more questions, and helping you create effective marketing messages via organic and paid social media advertising.