Strategic Reviews

Strategic analysis and the formulation of deliverable strategies for business improvement/expansion is a fundamental component of the BIAS Consultancy expertise.We always aim to make a significant difference to our clients by bringing our broad, international experience and innovative ideas into the strategic review process.

At BIAS Consultancy we believe that to be truly successful a strategy needs to reflect the culture and values of the organisation and have the buy-in of key staff.

Our approach has 2 phases:

Phase 1 – Strategic Analysis
Phase 2 – Formulation of Strategic Directions.


A strategic analysis by BIAS Consultancy is based on an initial, critical evaluation of your existing products/services, distribution channels, markets and customer base as well as the core competencies of your company.

We then examine the current market and its players; economic trends, consumer trends and government policies; activities of key competitors etc.

This process enables us to determine where you are now, where you could be and where you should be.

During this process we also identify key internal and external challenges and assess whether your company has the technical and operational capabilities and capacities needed to make your expansion plans a success.


In the light of the information gathered and evaluated in Phase I, we suggest the products or services you might eliminate, those you might add; which markets you should exit and those you should enter and how.

The BIAS Consultancy approach differentiates itself by involving as many participants as possible in strategic discussions and planning as we believe that only a process integrating the perspectives and input of key managers and staff can result in a realistic deliverable-oriented vision of the future.

The resulting implementation strategy is then aligned with the values, culture, objectives and capabilities of your organisation; and through participation, each individual becomes committed to its implementation.

Whatever your strategic choice, BIAS Consultancy can guide and support you during each phase, from marketing plans to the management of all aspects of the acquisition process.

trust-tru-katsande-599010-unsplash.jpgI am a New Start Up …………. I am Overwhelmed and Need some Advise on what and how to do things…

I was unemployed for long time and I was pushed by the job Centre to become self employed and start up my own business on NEA(New Enterprise Allowance). I had a little support at the beginning with the idea of the business and since starting, I am overwhelmed with all the happenings in the business, as my expertise is really not business but construction, carpentry, Plumbing, etc. so at times I need help to get new customers, and handle all the administration aspect of my business. so also I need to have someone who I can mentor me through the tough challenges of my start up business….

This is good time for you to call BIAS to help to reviewing how things are done in your business and help to take control of the unknown in your start up enterprise, this can be a short term or ongoing project depending on business budget.

Contact BIAS for Help

rawpixel-267075-unsplash.jpgI make Ends meet ………Mostly

You’re an ongoing business that has customers (some more loyal than others) who buy from your business.  Some days —your life in business is awesome.  Customers love the products you provide, they love your knowledgeable sales associates and they tell their friends to come and buy from your business.

Other days, the challenges seem overwhelming.  There are no customers walking through the front door, your staff is not motivated and you’re barely making ends meet.  Each week, you’re scraping together payroll or you’re sending in the rent payment on the last day of the month.  And some times, for all this effort, you’re not even drawing a paycheck for yourself or saving any money toward your retirement.

Now is the perfect time to call BIAS.  It’s where we can help the most.

BIAS will come in and do a thorough assessment of your business including analysis of  sales, cost of goods, expenses by category including rent, payroll, marketing and business services to determine how these categories are either helping – or hurting your business profitability and cash flow.

BIAS then will present a strategy and implementation plan to help you improve your business both in the short-term and to set it on a path for long-term profitability.  These recommendations cover all areas of the business aimed at increasing retail sales, improving the cost of goods, payroll maximisation, staff training and development, marketing strategy and planning, social media strategy implementation, future expense planning and management along with vendor relationship management to improve communications and profits for your business.

This process can be as detailed and comprehensive as you wish – and can be a one off – or an ongoing project depending on your business needs and budgets. What ever the requirements we Guarantee  a favourable outcome for you.

Improve your business by Contacting BIAS for Help

rawpixel-990040-unsplash.jpgThings are Steady …………….Let us Grow

I’ve been in business for a while and at this point in time, I completely understand the financial picture of my business and I have a plan that I review and assess continually to track and manage sales, expenses and profits for the business.  I make time for this critical analysis for my business and I am able to execute successfully on this plan within my current schedule.

Good for you!  Your business is well-established and the results you are delivering are consistent based on the products and services you provide to your customers.  The next phase of growth comes by asking what’s next?

This is where BIAS can step in and help assess your current business performance and match it with future business trends to create a plan for further maximisation of sales and profits.  Think of this phase as tweaking and optimising to get every penny of both sales and profits out of your business that you can.  By using BIAS as an outside agency resource (who’s constantly watching the market and constantly assessing  business trends with your businesses’ best interest in mind) your  business can continue to prosper and maximise your performance with new ideas that haven’t been introduced to your business to this point.

Let Us Grow your Business

business growing to fast.jpgMy Business has Grown very Fast …………… I am having lots of Internal Issues with my business

Many Businesses are the victim of their own success, as the business becomes to successful, to quickly, then that is the start of many problems and Issues in the business. which can put the business into insolvency and failure.

This is the time to call BIAS so we can evaluate where the problems lie and help to put in place a strategy to control the growth of the business and make the transition for the success as smooth as possible

Help to Control the Growth successfully

business Rocketing.jpgMy Business is ROCKETING IN EVERY LEVEL

Your business is clicking on all cylinders delivering maximum sales and profits in every operating area.  You understand your customers needs and wants with your product and services, and you get validated every day with increases in sales and profits.

What’s next?  Bringing BIAS in at this point to assess expansion opportunities based on industry information or potentially creating a long term exit strategy will help you maximise your payback from your business.

BIAS will help you create a plan and time line helping you maximise the time you spend between now and when you want to sell in order to create maximum value in every area.  This can be the physical plant, improving technology, maximising customer user experience, training management and staff to take on increased roles in the future and/or create a plan for you as the owner to step away and let the business run without you on sight!

Let Us help to Plan your exit Strategy