Strategic Planning

We provide our clients with a wide range of business skills to help improve business performance. In terms of enhancing performance and providing support we provide the most comprehensive service in the South-East of England.  The support is delivered by a team of successful business consultants who specialize in both training, design; we also provide experienced business mentors and coaching experts, who have each run his or her own successful businesses for many years.
Our services Range is vast, and we have specialist Consultants in each area;

Business Consulting
Business Plan
Marketing Plans
Business Finance Training
Sales Training
Study Skills Training
Social Media Marketing
Management Training
Leadership Development Training
Business & Career Coaching
Life Coaching
Digital Marketing Services
Business Modelling Services
Business Financial Planning
Marketing Strategy Consulting
Our team offers a combination of experience and depth of knowledge which is aimed at improving overall business performance in terms of – sales, employee contribution, management effectiveness which leads to an increase in overall profitability.


Established in 2009.

My inspiration came from starting out in business myself over 30 yrs. ago and realising that there wasn’t much business support at the time to help me grow and get advice for different areas in the business that at the time I did not fully understand. When I learnt the positive and negatives of a business I would happily share this with new and established businesses to support them and see them grow, so meeting many likeminded business professionals and realising the potential of putting together a team of people, who had very diverse skills which could be used to enhance business efficiency and performance.
In conclusion I saw the opportunity of putting together a small, flexible and responsive team, with diverse skills, experience and successful methodologies which could bring accelerated performance improvements to SMEs.
BIAS Consultancy services are based in London and Portsmouth that specialises in helping small and medium sized businesses across the UK. Primary services will be running business training workshops for new and established businesses, writing business plans and financial plans.  Our mission is to provide our clients with business services that help them become more successful and to become leader in consulting to small and medium sized businesses.


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